Fresh, Ethically Sourced Coffee Delivered Straight To Your Door.

To give you the freshest coffee possible, we purchase green coffee beans from around the world during peak growing seasons. Once we receive your order, your coffee is small-batch roasted in our Joper roaster. We use precise times & temperatures to bring out its unique flavor notes. The roasted coffee is then packaged for maximum freshness and shipped to your door within 24 hours.

Every penny of our profits goes to care for orphans and vulnerable children. Which means every purchase you make is helping change a life.

* Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
The original bean that hooked the world. That’s right, this is where it all started. Enjoy this wonderful, small batch roasted coffee that has a smooth soft mouth feel, with fruity berry and some nuttiness with a hint of sweet ripe cherry. Grown in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia.

* FTO Columbian
Coffee is Colombia……Colombia is Coffee. With over 500,000 coffee farmers, coffee is a way of life in Colombia. Wake up with this full bodied light roast coffee that has a slight hint of citrus and crisp, smooth flavor.

Costa Rica Tarrazu
Costa Rica is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost coffee growing coutries. This coffee is grown in the mountainous Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. It is delightfully smooth, with a sweet and fruity aroma and taste. This is a light roast coffee with medium to high acidity.

FTO Honduran
Great for French Press, Aeorpress, or drip coffee. Notes are “nutty, sugary/sweet body, with a hint of chocolate” Medium acidity and wonderfully balanced.

* FTO Peruvian
This Fair Trade Organic Peruvian coffee is roasted to bring out its exceptional medium body, while retaining sweetness and some light fruity notes in the cup. Finishes with prolonged cocao notes. This is one of our favorite coffees.

FTO Mexican Chiapas
This Fair Trade Organic Mexican coffee is grown in the Chiapas state of Mexico, near the Guatemalan border. Chiapas has long been regarded as the #1 growing coffee region in all of Mexico. A medium body with sweet notes of brown sugar and pear, this coffee is wonderful for drip, pourover, and french press methods.

Guatemalan Finca Santa Elisa
From the mountainous region of Guatemala called Finca Santa Elisa. Many generations of coffee farmers have farmed these mountains with breathtaking views of the Acatenango Valley and Fire Volcanos. This coffee has great aroma with a full, yet mellow body and a deep, bittersweet coffee flavor. A wonderful balanced cup of coffee.

* FTO Guatemalan
Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan coffee from the Southern Mountainous Regions of Guatemala. Roasted to bring out its exceptional full body, while retaining a little sweetness in the cup. Our favorite coffee!

FTO Swiss Water Processed Decaf
A Beautiful Swiss Water Process Decaf Coffee that you can feel good about! Certified Fair Trade Organic that has been decaffeinated in an environmental friendly and healthy way. Say no to chemicals and yes to Swiss Water Process Decaf.

Decaf Go Blend
Want the coffee but not the caffeine? This is the perfect blend for you! Small batch roasted by our roast master. Low acid blend.

Café Blend
This expertly crafted small batch roasted coffee has a full, mellow body and smooth, rich balanced flavor. A blend of South and Central American and Indonesian coffees. Low acid blend.

* Espresso Flagship
A blend of Central American, South American, African, and Indonesian coffees. Roasted to bring out a strong, full body and just the right amount of sweetness. This is an excellent blend for great espresso that is not bitter, but full of flavor and robust sweetness in the cup.

Espresso Decaf
A blend of Colombian decaf coffees, roasted longer to draw out a rich and bold coffee flavor. Enjoy!

FTO Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Dark
Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian coffee from the the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. It is likely this is the region where coffee had it’s birthplace! Roasted to bring out its deep full body, with notes of cherry and dark chocolate, while retaining smoothness throughout the cup.

Go Blend
A great, full body with a slightly heavier texture and deep, dark brown color. This expertly crafted, small batch roasted blend starts a little spicy with a full, rich creamy body and a bitter/sweet aftertaste. Our signature blend of South American, Central American and Indonesian coffees.

* FTO Nicaraguan
This Fair Trade Organic Nicaraguan coffee is a well balanced dark roast with medium body. Has notes of brown sugar and plum.

FTO Sumatra Mandheling
Fair Trade Organic Sumatra coffee from the island of Sumatra; the second largest island in Indonesia. This island has ideal growing conditions for complex, low acidity coffee. This Sumatra coffee is a beautiful dark roast with a full body and subtle notes of maple and spice with a woody cedar undertone. Fresh roasted in our small batch Joper roaster.

* Sumatra Mandheling
Grown on the Volcanic Island of Sumatra in Indonesia, this coffee is known for its low acidity, smoothness, and delightful full body. This distinctive coffee is named after the island’s Mandailing people group. Enjoy the sweet syrupy body with flavor notes of baking spice, tropical fruit, and sweet herbs.

Espresso Dark
This Dark Italian Espresso is an excellent blend of South American and Central American coffees for all your espresso beverages as well as French press, Aeropress, or drip coffee. Bold and full bodied with a bit of sweetness.

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