Finley Adoption Fund

Hi There!  We have teamed up with Gobena Coffee to raise funds for our adoption. $4 from every item purchased will go towards our adoption.  On top of that we have received a matching grant, so that $4 becomes $8!  Thanks for your support and enjoy the fresh roasted coffee.

Have you heard our adoption testimony?

Cory & I have long had a heart for adoption, so much so that it was almost an assumption that one day we would. Although it was often in our minds/hearts, one of us would put the brakes on when the other felt a green light. This summer, we did a class on learning to discern where God is leading you, the very first day Cory and I looked at each other and knew where God was leading us… adoption. We each had a mixture of emotions, but excitement dominated our hearts as we were finally starting an adventure we had longed for

There is a fatherless epidemic right now; children all over the world are growing up without a present father. And without an earthly father, they have a difficult time understanding that God is their heavenly Father. This often gives them a tainted view of God without them really knowing it. They might see God as harsh like their dad or one who expects them to be perfect. They might see God as angry, absent, unjust, or think he doesn’t care about them; that they are unimportant to Him or “in the way”. Yet, God through His word, His actions, and His Spirit confirms to His children, over and over, that they are wanted. They are priceless. They are so valuable to Him that it was worth it to Him to send His son to die so that He could be in relationship with them! He cares deeply for them, provides for their every need. He wants to hear all about their concerns and to lift the burden for them. We long to extend God’s Father heart to all, and especially to those without a mother and father to raise them.

Currently, we have an empty bedroom in our home. Because we have that open room and open space in our hearts, when we see kids without a home, we just want to scoop them up, hold them tight, and wash over them words of truth: “You are wanted.”, “You are valuable.”, “You are cherished, loved, priceless, important, worth making sacrifices for, and part of the family.” We believe children are a blessing from the Lord, and we want more. Sometimes we fight that thinking, with the desire to spend more on us, decorating the house, buying new technology, or more time for our own personal pursuits. But these are empty in comparison with the joy that comes in obeying God and in His gifts, in this case children. We are honored and delighted to be parents and to guide our children to know the Father and to share Him with the world.

Our greatest hinderance in obeying God has been fear. Fear of what others might think. Fear that we don’t make enough money for more kids. Fear that there are too many unknowns in our future with Cory’s transition in selling his company and moving into the next season, yet God always provides. We know that God loves the orphan, and that He puts the lonely in families. Our culture tells us that stuff is important, that security is vital, and that having lots of children is irresponsible unless you have lots of money. But God daily reminds us of the truth and calls us to a different way of living. One that trusts Him and not wealth. One that values children and not perfectly clean, Pinterest homes and designer clothes. One that realizes we have MUCH to give in the way of strong faith in a real God, time, love, intentionality, character modeling, and so much more. And these are the things that matter.