Furniture/Supplies for “Hope and Trust Room”

Many children that live in orphanages have no hope of ever being adopted. To connect with these children, Lifesong has built a partnership within the Ukrainian orphanages improving the living conditions and helping provide for the children’s basic needs.

To invite spiritual discipleship and training, Lifesong hires national Christians to work full-time within the government-run orphanages creating what we call Constant Christian Presence (CCP). In each orphanage, Lifesong renovates a ‘room of hope and trust’ and supplies it with books, games, and videos where children can come to learn in a comfortable and safe environment. The campaign is for furniture and supplies for the “Hope and Trust Room” at the Chernigov Orphanage where 200+ children have the opportunity to participate in various activities.

We have teamed up with Gobena Coffee to raise fund for this room.  $4 from every item purchased will go towards making this room become a reality.  Thanks for your partnership and enjoy the fresh roasted coffee!