Fusilier’s Adoption Fund

Thanks for supporting our Adoption!  We have teamed up with Gobena Coffee to raise the funds needed to cover the cost of our adoption.  $4 from every item you purchase will go towards our adoption.  On top of that we have received a $2,500 matching grant, so that $4 becomes $8!  Thanks for supporting our adoption by purchasing fresh, small batch roasted coffee.

Have you heard about our adoption testimony?  Read below to see how God has been working in our lives.

We believe adoption is at the heart of God. He has adopted us as his children and loves as His own. Redemption and the gospel can be seen so clearly through it. God has given us an opportunity to make an impact in the life of our children, whether biological or adopted. We truly believe that God has given us a heart for the mission field here in the United States, particularly the inner city. As we walked the domestic adoption journey, we learned of many cases were children were abused, lived in poverty, were abandoned and suffered loneliness. We know that even in a land with such great opportunities, many children suffer. Other children are being born to mothers that choose to place their children into an adoptive home to give them a life they cannot offer. We admire these birth mothers. We admire their bravery and selfless love. Birth mothers make a sacrifice of self in order to provide a better life for that child. Children that are placed into Christian homes will experience a two-parent, loving Christian environment.

To tell this story in the best way, we feel we must tell you a little more about ourselves and go back to when I (Paola) was about seven years old. I remember watching some World Vision commercials and being struck by the poverty that some children have to live in. I felt at that moment that I had to do something. I wanted to be able to help those kids. I told my mom I would adopt one of those kids one day. I have talked about it for years. When Johnny and I met and started dating, we talked about children and we talked about adoption. Johnny had and has such a heart for adoption. It’s amazing how God orchestrates our lives and gives us a heart for things we never imagined. I always thought we would adopt internationally but God had other plans. A few weeks after we got married, we were invited to an adoption agency’s fundraiser and were able to hear first hand experiences of children in need – here in the states. At that time, we had no idea where this journey would lead us but we felt the call to adopt domestically.

We began working with a Christian adoption agency almost two years ago. The social workers and staff are strong Christians that walked the journey with our family. We were matched with a birth mom through a family friend and switched agencies. The birth mother in that case changed her mind about placing towards the end of her pregnancy. It was a difficult time for our family but we knew that God had another plan for our family. At that time, we decided to go with an adoption referral service that works with about fifty different agencies in the United States. Only two weeks after being active with them, we were matched with a birth mother in Nevada. Our son was due only two weeks after we were matched! We were honored and humbled that a young woman would choose our family for her child.

Josiah was born on May 9, 2015 and we arrived in Nevada early morning on May 10th. It was truly a blessing to meet this amazing young woman and our son. God had planned to bring Josiah into our home and as an added bonus have a great relationship with his birth mother. We have continued contact with his birth mother through calls and sharing pictures. We babyfusilierpray for her on a daily basis and pray that God will continue to work in her life.

Our family has been forever impacted by Josiah’s adoption. We are thankful that God gave us the opportunity to adopt a son and show us His great love in tangible way.