Jones Adoption Fund

Hi There!  We have teamed up with Gobena Coffee to raise funds for our adoption.  $4 from every item purchased will go towards our adoption. On top of that we have received a matching grant from Lifesong for Orphans, so that $4 becomes $8.  Thanks for your support and enjoy the fresh roasted coffee.

Have you heard our adoption testimony?

We have felt a desire to adopt since shortly after we were married and became saved. We saw the beautiful adoption culture in our church and were greatly moved by the families we saw who had adopted. The Bible speaks several times of how God cares for the orphan and the widow and thus commands his followers to do the same. Jesus tells his disciples that a sign of a believer is one who loves the vulnerable. We love being parents and feel called to bring another child into our home through adoption. We have plenty of love and room to share with an orphan. We know things will be difficult but God will supply the grace we need for every circumstance. We are trusting him completely in this process.