Layne’s Adoption Fund

We have teamed up with Gobena Coffee to raise funds for our adoption.  $4 from every item you purchase will go towards bringing our child home!  Enjoy the fresh, small batch roasted coffee while supporting our adoption.  Thanks!

Have you heard our testimony?  We would love to share it with you!

In 2004, we went on our first international mission trip to Recife, Brasil. We had never seen that kind of poverty and living conditions. We were shocked to hear how many orphans there were there and how little hope existed for them. On the plane ride home Kev and I talked. On that trip, God spoke to each of us individually about adoption. We knew whether or not we ever had any biological children, God was calling us to adopt.

In 2006, we began looking into different adoption opportunities. We visited a couple of agencies. We just kept slowly moving along. In 2007, we decided the time was right. We began moving forward quickly. We picked an agency we had researched and set up a meeting with them. We had just become support-based missionaries to West Virginia. This clearly did not make the agency happy when they reviewed our income sources, and they said “no.” We walked away so discouraged. We knew it was time to start our family. We had never even considered trying to have biological children because we knew God wanted us to adopt. Based on some medical issues, we had always thought having children would be particularly difficult for me. At that point, the call to start a family was so clear that we decided to try the “all-natural” way and see what happened.

In 2008, God gave us our first child, Chloe. Then, two years later, He gave us Violet. We love our girls, yet at the same time know this is not God’s completed plan for our family. We know there is another child or two out there who also belongs in our family. We will pursue those kiddos the exact same way God pursues us–without rest!

Thank you for joining us in this journey!