Montee’s Adoption Fund

     We were at the point in our marriage and in our lives where we reallywanted kids. Since we were having trouble getting pregnant on our own, wesought medical help and did several months of infertility treatment. Thelast month we did treatment everything looked good. In fact, there was achance we would end up pregnant with twins. But when that didn’t work, wewere at a loss. We were discouraged and ready to give up.Although adoption was not necessarily how we thought we’d grow our family.we finally gave it all over to God. While we could have kept doingfertility options and might eventually have become pregnant (again), wereally felt the Lord place adoption on our hearts. And all of our prayerswere answered when we were matched with a sweet little girl in February2011. We traveled to Taiwan in early August and brought our daughter homejust a week later.

     We’re not sure how God does it, but we love our daughter just like she wasour own flesh and blood. We don’t even see her as “adopted” anymore – she’sjust “ours”. After seeing how God blessed us with this wonderful child, weknew we wanted to adopt agian. We found a 4-year old little girl waiting inthe Democratic Repuublic of Congo in January 2013. But just a few monthslater, we found out we wouldn’t be able to bring her home. This left us ata loss. We weren’t sure what to do. Several months later, we found outabout a new program in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines and decided to get ontheir waiting list. But as most new programs go, the referrals were veryslow in coming and there were no waiting children. So we got permissionfrom them to look for a waiting child and shortly after we found anadorable 2-year old little boy waiting in China.

      Had we given birth to any children, we probably not have even consideredadoption and we would have missed out on adopting our children. We reallyfeel like, looking back, that God brought us to the point where we had tofinally give everything – including growing our family – to Him. And now wecan’t imagine growing our family any other way besides adoption! Being ableto be a parent and show God’s love to a child that needs a forever familyis one of the biggest blessings we’ve ever experienced. We have also gainedsuch a wonderful “family” through other adoptive parents. We have gonethrough a lot in our marriage and looking back, we’re glad we went throughthose trials. We’re so very thankful God led us to, and continues to lead,our family on this beautiful journey of adoption

Thank you!