Morgan Adoption Fund

Muluken is actually our third son and our oldest, he is 14 years old. We met him while we were on our court trip adopting our second son Seyfu. After spending a lot of time with him at the orphanage we knew he was a very special kid and needed a family to show him the love and care he needed. We prayed about adopting him for a long time, to seek God’s will and not our own. After much prayer we knew that he was meant to be our son and we were his family.

We just brought Muluken home two weeks ago from Ethiopia and are really enjoying all of the things we are learning from him. We have also been blessed to experience many of his “firsts”, like the first time he ate a cupcake, the first time he saw a elephant or giraffe in person, the first time he went to a real cinema. Right now we are just soaking up all of the great times and enjoying being a family of 5!!!!

We have teamed up with Gobena Coffee to help raise funds to cover our expense for bringing Muluken home.  Every item you purchase, $4 will go towards our adoption fund.  Thanks!….and enjoy the fresh roasted coffee.