Sadorf Adoption Fund

Hi There!  We have teamed up with Gobena Coffee to raise funds for our adoption.  $4 from every item will go to our adoption fund.  On top of that we have received a matching grant so that $4 becomes $8.  Thanks for support our adoption and enjoy the fresh, small batch roasted coffee!

Have you heard our adoption testimony?

We were called just a few weeks ago and asked if we would be willing to have an open adoption with a young teenage girl looking to place her baby locally. We said yes and have been in a whirlwind trying to raise the funds before the baby arrives (baby is due November 21st!). Meanwhile, we’ve been forming a relationship and bond with the birthmother, similar to a mentorship and know that God’s plans are purposeful when He matched us up with this special young girl. Our focus is on our testimony with the birthmother as well as all the details involved in bringing home a newborn. We weren’t prepared to be matched with a mother so late in her pregnancy and were a little caught off-guard financially. However, that wasn’t a reason for us to deny the opportunity to adopt. Instead we find ourselves trusting God and doing our part to raise funds. We know He will provide and care for all our needs as well as the birthmother’s needs!