Support the Picker Family in Ethiopia

Our Story

When they were married in 2001, Casey and Mary Beth saw nothing but quiet family life in their future, but when God called them to adoption in 2009 and again in 2010, they fell in love with the Ethiopian people and culture and were awakened to God’s Global Kingdom. In 2010, they were introduced to Lifesong’s work in Ethiopia and became members of the fundraising leadership team.

In 2012, they helped to launch Lifesong’s sponsorship program in Ethiopia and have continued to help coordinate it since it’s inception. In 2013, they took their three kids to Ethiopia for six weeks to experience family life overseas. After that trip, they felt God leading them to full-time service in Ethiopia.

Mary Beth plans to use her background in English education to teach high school classes and mentor teachers. She will also continue to work as the Sponsorship Coordinator. Casey will provide operational support to the schools and hopes to begin discipleship programs for the students. Together, they hope to build intentional, Christ-centered relationships with members of the school staff, encouraging them in their Kingdom work of educating and discipling Ethiopia’s next generation.