Wood’s Adoption Fund

Our adoption journey has been long especially for my wife, Melissa. She has felt a call to help and provide a forever family for a child for roughly ten years. I, Greg, have always been open to this but not with the conviction that my wife had. We decided on our last term on the mission field in Mexico (2010-2014) to pray and seek to help a family with a child that needed a home. We worked in rural areas where much need existed and it seemed that opportunities would arise but a door never opened.

During the last ten months, while serving my stateside time at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, God has spoken deeply to me (Greg) about this issue. Through sermons, Bible studies, books and a variety of other events, God has guided me to be intentional in pursuing adoption. It was a theological issue for me and God clearly revealed that if we have the resources we are to care for the orphan. As I already stated, I was always open to help but God needed to stir my heart theologically from His Word to move me forward on this journey.

I informed my wife early in 2015 that it was time for us to research the process, placement agencies and begin to make contacts to a number of agencies and organizations. My wife obviously was thrilled to see her long time adoption desire begin to be intentional. Through our research, we narrowed down some agencies that fit our desires well regarding a homestudy and a placement agency.

We have teamed up with Gobena Coffee to raise fund for our adoption.  $4 from each item purchased will go towards bringing our child home!  Enjoy the fresh roasted coffee while supporting our adoption.